Stand Back! This Table Will Self Destruct... In a While

Chicago-based Studio 1A.M. has configured a self-destructing coffee table, with an unknown date set as its future demise.  

In a play on mass production and handmade craftmanship, a pixel is removed from the concrete table-top each time a new coffee table is ordered, resulting in a unique and one-of-a-kind piece of limited edition furniture.  So far only 31 pixels have been removed, and the producers will continue this process of 'self-destruction' for as long as the table stays practical.  

The color choices are fittingly industrial: options are white or dark grey in a cement alternative blend of slag and fly ash, on a base of reclaimed walnut.  

The 48-pound table costs $980, or you can help it along in its deconstruction and get two for $1700.  


Studio 1A.M. via Neorama