Stand Up Straight With The Biofeedback Posture Trainer


Some of us never had very good posture, but we tend to slump even more as we age.  Bad posture is not only unattractive, it can cause a variety of health problems - back pain, breathing problems, and fatique, among them.  No one wants to wear a back brace all the time to keep their posture in line, but an occupational therapist has created a device that can help you correst your posture in very short training periods each day using biofeedback....


Biofeedback Posture TrainerBiofeedback Posture Trainer


Biofeedback Posture TrainerBiofeedback Posture Trainer


Biofeedback Posture TrainerBiofeedback Posture Trainer


The Biofeedback Posture Trainer is for teens and adult men and women, who want to develop good posture.  It relies on sense memory to train you so that eventually, perhaps in as little as 3 to 4 weeks, you will start standing up and sitting straight on your own.

The Trainer is made up of soft straps that fit snugly around your shoulders and waist, pulling you into a correct posture. These straps are connected to a sensor on a rear strap that sits on your spine and, should your posture slide, a buzzer will remind you that you'd better get your posture back in line.  You will want to do that because it's the only way to shut the buzzer up! (Now, if you;d rather, you can set the biofeedback sensor to 'vibrate' instead of buzz, but there's still no way to get it to stop unless you correct your posture.)




Training periods are 20 minutes long, 3 times per day.  After fitting the device, you go about your routine, doing your regular activities, and the Biofeedback Posture Trainer will buzz when it is not in contact with your spine.   You don't have to engage in this training for life, but it's probably a good idea to have it around when you get back to your bad old habits again.

Available at Hammacher Schlemmer with a lifetime guarentee in one unisex size.

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