Stanley LED Torch Watch Provides Time And Light

The flashlight and wristwatch didn't really need to be combined into one. We all would be sleeping easy if there were no such thing as a flashlight watch on the market. But Stanley saw it fit to combine a miniature flashlight with a giant wristwatch to create the LED Torch Watch.


On its face, a torch watch sounds like a useful gadget. Imagine being out walking or jogging toward dusk; the rays disappear and you pull out your Stanley flashlight to guide you home. Brilliant! But then you realize that you might as well just strap it back on your wrist because that tiny flashlight probably won't light up anything bigger than a glove compartment. And a glove compartment already has a light in it. 

So after getting all psyched for your new torch watch, you realize that you have a tiny, ineffective flashlight adding bulk to an already giant, awkward watch. Since it doesn't appear that the mini flashlight disengages from the watch casing, they probably should have just put one of those keychain LEDs on it to cut down on size. And we're back to the fact that the wristwatch and flashlight just didn't need to be combined. 

If you disagree, you can find the Stanley LED Torch Watch over at Brando for an affordable $58. In addition to the light, you'll get a backlit watch with an alarm and timer. Just don't expect it to change your life.

Brando via Coolest Gadgets