Stanley's Pharmacy: Medicating Patrons With Pharmaceuticals And Nutritious Drinks

No matter what ails you, there's a solution. You just have to ask around, and every individual will have a different medicinal, holistic, or alternative cure to help a fever break. Often, it is a cocktail of different items that people swear provides the best cure potential. These days it isn't just your Grandma "prescribing" and dispensing these items either.  Now there's a one-stop shop to cure what ails you.


Only in New York City can you find a luxurious pharmacy that offers you a combination of remedies to treat any illness.  In order to gain access to the pharmaceuticals, you do need a doctor's prescription. Luxury doesn't automatically mean easy access after all. But, the business does offer a more old-fashioned approach to get their clients healthy again.

The other items available in the pharmacy may seem unusual. But in reality, it is all a part of delivering an old-fashioned approach to the pharmacy business. Stanley's Pharmacy takes you back to the day that your friendly neighborhood pharmacist would do more than just push the pills prescribed by your doctor. They would take the time to discuss your health, and offer you remedies. Whether that's a shot of whiskey, or a warm cup of tea with honey. 

Drinks and DrusDrinks and Drus

The pharmacists at Stanley's Pharmacy  have embraced this philosophy with a modern twist. They can look at your overall health, and not only make such suggestions, but send you home with exactly what you need as well. That's because they are fully stocked with a wellness bar to produce nutritious concoctions that improve your heath! If you'd rather produce your own alcohol-free hot toddy at home, they can also send you off with everything you need. Just make sure you take the time to chat with their friendly neighborhood pharmacist available to give you some good old-fashioned, personalized care.

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