Star Wars R2D2 VW Camper Van: The Drivable Droid You've Been Looking For

A long time ago, in a Ford Galaxie far, far away... actually it was quite recently and instead of Fomoco's former flagship we're talkin' used VW camper van. A Brazilian couple with time and talent on their (dark) side has converted a tired old microbus into a drivable droid on Star Wars steroids!

Cesar and Audrey Aguzzoli of Porto Alegre, Brazil had just returned from a Star Wars marathon at their local movie house when the thought smacked them like a wayward Jedi's lightsaber: why not transform the family's well-used VW bus into an R2D2 RV?

“We decided to recreate all the objects on R2D2 and adapt them to fit the bus,” explains Cesar; “all the measurements and computer work took about 50 hours, plus vinyl wrapping till we lost count.” As cool as the be-decaled bus looks now, the pair admit their work is far from done.

“Sad truth is, we did not get to finish the project… we got as far as we could, up until our last day in Brazil. Now we are set to live in the US for some years so it will take a while until we finish all the details.” Those include affixing a model Millennium Falcon to the roof and adding a set of custom hubcaps. “It would be nice to give them R2's top-of-the-head pattern,” adds Cesar.

“For now, let us know if you ever end up in Porto Alegre - RS and we'll tell where to find the droid you're looking for.” (via WENN)