Star Ball Soccer Ball From Perrocaliente Gives Futsal Some Star Power

Are you ready for the Off-World Cup? How about a Space Jam remake with a soccer theme? The Star Ball soccer ball from Perrocaliente features a striking pattern of five-pointed stars and irregular nonagons designed for, er, universal appeal.

The 450gm (just under a pound), 69cm (27.6”) circumference ball is technically a Futsal ball and as such is both slightly smaller and less bouncy than a regulation soccer (or football, for non-North Americans who aren't Mexicans). No matter – it's both eminently kickable and exceptionally cool-looking!

The balls' unusual pattern was designed by Hiroki Yoshitomi of Tokyo, Japan-based Perrocaliente. The design house describes itself as “a comprehensible, friendly product brand” and the company's founders created their name by joining the Spanish words “Perro”, meaning “dog”, and “caliente” which means “warm”... “hotdog”, get it?

Futsal (roughly “hall football”) is rapidly rising in popularity as it combines the proven appeal of soccer with a much smaller pitch (playing area) amenable to crowded urban landscapes where space is at a premium. Indeed, more Brazilians play Futsal than do soccer though the latter commands far more spectators. Perhaps introducing Star Balls to the mix will help boost attendance.

The Star Ball is available in a choice of six color combinations listed here by Stars/Nonagons format: Black/White, Black/Black, White/White, White/Scarlet, Black/Lime, and Turquoise/White. The balls are made from imitation leather in Pakistan, where 80% of the world's soccer balls are crafted.

Interested in infusing a little star-power to your team, school, playground or backyard? Star Balls packed in cool square shipping boxes are available through White Rabbit Express priced at 5,250 yen or around $53 each.