Star Quest Constellation Carpets Are Out of This World

In light of the recent full lunar eclipse, it seems only natural that attentions should turn to all things celestial. It's convenient then, that I just happened upon these lovely constellation rugs by Maude Decor, bringing heaven to earth in a vibrantly practical way.

Launched in 2002 with a signature line of handpainted rugs, founder Patricia Baun has since made a name for herself by putting a modern spin on an ancient tradition, creating fun and functional art for floors and walls with vibrant use of color and bold geometric patterns. This week at the Interior Design Show in Toronto her latest collections, Star Quest and Famous Canadian Mountains, will make their sensational debut.

twinkle twinkletwinkle twinkle

The Star Quest collection immortalizes an array of stylized constellations for your private viewing, day or night. Included in the selection are old faves like Orion and Ursa Major, as well as several others that I can never seem to find. (Leave it to the ancients to play some obscure game of connect-the-dots.) This stellar collection boasts several striking color schemes and sizes to choose from, and if you're not into having the stars bedeck your floors, you could hang them on your walls in limited edition, archival prints instead.

climb every mountainclimb every mountain

The Famous Canadian Mountain collection consists of several, well, famous Canadian mountains, from a topographical point of view. Once again we are treated to a delightful color splash, but this time the natural shapes and curves take visual precedence. The sizes of these rugs are to be announced, and like the Star Quest Collection, several color choices are available and prints are also an option.

Maude Décor is also open to materializing your own unique artistic vision if you feel the need to create a customized carpet to call your own, but you may find their in-house selection meet your needs just fine.

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Sarah O
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Feb 22, 2008
by Odette (not verified)

I am not sure if these are

I am not sure if these are pretty or ugly. Maybe one of those beautifully ugly items?

Dec 3, 2008
by Anonymous

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