Star Trek: The Final Frontier For Polo Shirts

Forget the Izod alligator or the usual polo pony for Polo shirts. Polo is finally going where no Polo shirt has gone before -- straight into the final frontier. They are finally taking Trekkies seriously (okay, as seriously asStar Trek Polo Shirt in Science BlueStar Trek Polo Shirt in Science Blue anyone can), and turning the uniform shirts from the original series into business casual. How long before the Star Trek Polo shirt fashion statement turns up on the Big Bang Theory? I'm envisioning Sheldon in science blue even as I write.

The shirts are standard Polo shirts -- constructed of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. They are available in command gold, operations/engineering red, and science blue. The insignia is 3" tall and embroidered onto the left side of the chest. The shirts are an officially licensed Star Trek product so you won't be violating any inter-stellar laws by purchasing one, or two, or . . . well, it's up to you.

These dandy shirts will make your trip to your next (or first) Star Trek convention a breeze, unless, of course, your ears don't want to stay on or your phaser jams when you see a Romulan. 

Star Trek Polo ShirtsStar Trek Polo ShirtsPurchase of the red shirt is done at your own risk. Everyone one who is any Trekkie knows that the red shirt is cursed and that you will die suddenly and painfully when part of a landing party or security detail (see attached video for clarification). Of course, the red shirt is an excellent gift idea for someone you have to buy for but really don't like. Ah, sweet revenge. It is a dish best served cold.

My shirt color is blue. In high school my nickname was Spock. That gave Leonard Nimoy a serious chuckle when I was introduced to him by that name. I was also the president of the Science Fiction Club. Back then I would have killed for one of these Star Trek Polo shirts. Now I can get one without bloodshed or phaser fire.

Source: Think Geek