Star Wars Bath Robe Keeps Your Lightsaber Stylishly Covered

Star Wars everything is popular once again, from gadgets to action figures to playing cards to -you guessed it - bath robes. Now you too can look like a Jedi Master when heading to your bedroom from the shower or getting the morning paper.

Sure, there's an argument that says maybe you can have too much Star Wars stuff, too many Jedi collectibles and a stockpile of Sith weaponry that is perhaps bordering on the ridiculous. Of course, that argument melts like a Bantha meeting a lightsaber during a Hoth winter, especially when you get a load of these new Star Wars bath robes.

Available in standard Jedi brown with the rebel alliance symbol and a sweet belt and hood, these 100% cotton velour robes will instantly give you the feel of the Force as you safely cover your lightsaber from prying eyes.

For those who tend toward the dark side, a black Darth Vader robe is also available, but it lacks the same iconic stature as the Jedi robes, bearing nothing more than a Darth Vader mask logo and none of the other cool features that set the Jedi robe apart.

The robes come in a one size fits all option which is intended to fit those of bulk from medium all the way up to extra large, and is 100% licensed by the juggernaut that is Lucas Arts.

Sure, the Star Wars bath robe isn't going to give you the ability to convince guards you don't have the droids they're looking for or levitate a X-wing above your head, but its plush and comfy fabric combined with its classic design will have you feeling like a Jedi in no time and make your neighbors glad you finally decided to cover up.

Source: Paramount Zone