Star Wars R2D2 and R2Q5 Soy Sauce Bottles

Add some "dark side" to any side dish!Add some "dark side" to any side dish!
These Star Wars Droid soy sauce bottles add spice - literally - to your table while giving fans of the popular sci-fi movie series one more 'must have' collectible.

It's hard to beat Star Wars fans... well, maybe Star Trek fans have an edge due to seniority, but for pure devotion you just can't top some people's passion for Star Wars. Merchandisers have done their best to cater to fans of the films, allowing them to eat, drink and sleep Star Wars 24-7. This particular item goes in the first category... they're handy soy sauce dispensers styled as those popular droids, R2D2 and R2Q5!

Newly released by Strapya World in Japan, these quality crafted dispensers go well with any type of cuisine: soy sauce for Asian foods, hot sauce for Tex-Mex, even vinegar for us Canadians to douse our french fries with (hey, don't knock it 'til you've tried it!).

Choose from the classic blue, silver & white R2D2 or the later droid, R2Q5 resplendent in black with orange & white trim. Both versions are made of tough yet light food-safe plastic, are washable and cost $19.42 plus shipping. May the sauce be with you! (via Strapya World)

Editor's Update: The R2D2 soy sauce bottle and the R2Q5 soy sauce bottle are now available in the U.S. You can find them at Amazon here and at other retailers.

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer