STAR WARS Tea Towels Mix Movie Themes with Retro Style

Don't leave Tattooine without one!Don't leave Tattooine without one!


STAR WARS characters and imagery from the well-loved space opera are combined with traditional Japanese themes to create these classic & classy tea towels. Great for cleaning up after an encounter with the dark side!

Detail - inset of entire towel at lower rightDetail - inset of entire towel at lower right


Darth Vader, Threepio, Yoda and more... this new series of Japanese "Tenugui" tea towels from Japan features your favorite heroes and villains, artfully depicted in traditional Japanese style. Eight different designs are available.

My personal favorite is chirpy droid R2D2 - last seen moonlighting as a soy-sauce bottle - soaring serenely over Mount Fuji, both resplendent in soothing shades of Alderaan Blue.


Other scenes include R2 and C3PO beneath a gentle rain of Stormtrooper White cherry blossoms, Storm Troopers in firing poses, and Lord Vader himself in a lovely Darkside Black arabesque pattern tinted rich vermilion. The force is strong in that one.

"Luke, I am your furoshiki!""Luke, I am your furoshiki!"


The subtle colors result from the use of "Nasen", the traditional Japanese dying method over 100% Japanese cotton. No rebel imports here, each 34cm by 90cm (13.4'' x 35.4'') towel is made in Japan. By Ewoks. OK, I made that up but I WANT TO BELIEVE.

These unique STAR WARS tea towels have a multitude of uses ranging from wall hangings, luxury gift wrap, polishing your light sabre, you name it! Quantities are limited due to the complexity of the Nasen dying process, so keep that in mind if you're considering ordering in a few.


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