Star Wars Traceroute For Geeks

Star Wars tracerouteStar Wars traceroute

If you're into tech and geeky stuff, an interesting find was brought up on various social networks this week, quickly going viral in these communities. It seems an entreprising network admin took it upon themself to create a traceroute that follows the opening text of the Star Wars movie, creating a very visual and fun display when someone would trace back to a particular IP address.

A traceroute is simply a way to see which devices and routers are between your own computer and a certain server. Network professionals use it to diagnostic problems and outages that may happen across the Internet. For example, should you know which hops or devices your packets follow while traveling from your system to Google, you would do a traceroute to .

For the technically savvy the author apparently posted an explanation on his own site of how he did this. It would seem that like many inventions, this was the result of someone being bored while fighting the snow storm. The code he used to create this traceroute is published, although you will need some networking knowledge to reuse it.

In this particular case, each device was configured to have a specific name that would result in the interesting path seen above. Instead of being called or, they were named with a specific line of the opening text. Worth a chuckle, if nothing else!

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