Too Shy? DVD Helps Women Look Men In The Eye

Ladies, are you overly shy? Can't get up the nerve to talk to that cute guy in your building, much less look him in the eye? Maybe your hurtin' after a bad break-up? If so, order "Miterudake For Lady", a self-help DVD that helps shy women gain (or regain) their social savvy.

"Miterudake" means "only looking" in Japanese and that's just what this curious and kinda creepy DVD is all about: 51 young men staring into the camera lens for about a minute each, ending with a quick smile and a reassuring phrase. Who would watch such a thing? According to Avex, the manufacturer, Miterudake For Lady is aimed at the woman whose "heart was almost broken at love and interpersonal relationships."

If it's a difficult concept to wrap one's head around, just watch this introductory video from Avex which was posted at the Otaku Crew website:


The DVD was released on November 25 of 2009 and is the followup to the even weirder and creepier Miterudake (For Men). This particular DVD, released on May 23 of 2008 and intended for men who suffer severe social anxiety, features dozens of women staring at the camera for a minute each.

It offered much more variety in the types of women one could stare at, including non-Japanese women, twins, an elderly lady and a child. Here's a video of the little girl, who seems rather freaked out by the whole thing:


As for Miterudake For Lady, all 51 men featured are approximately the same 20-something age and look like they just auditioned for a "Johnny's Juniors" style Japanese boy band. No foreigners, no twins ala The Shining, no old geezers.

If you're a 20-something woman who's had a bad breakup, however, the gentle gentlemen of Miterudake For Lady (available at Amazon Japan) have just what it takes to help heal your hurt heart. (via Alphalabel)