The Gadget Lover's Ultimate Dream Bed: Starry Night™

The recession hasn't deterred Leggett & Platt® from creating a bed that costs more than what most of us have left of our life savings.  But heck, we can dream, especially if we're gadget lovers.  Wait 'til you see what this Starry Night™ bed is hiding under its covers!


Communication Central

You've heard of programmable beds, right?  The ones where you can adjust the air pressure in the mattress, or raise the head or foot portion like a hospital bed, or those that have internal electronic massage mechanisms?  Okay, well, the Starry Night can program your entire house, remotely, with its incorporation of  the Lifeware™ system developed by Exceptional Innovation. From your bed then you can program the temperature in the bedroom, the lighting, the music, television, draw the blinds... whatever device you want to set up in the Lifeware system.  



Romance Central

Ah, beds can look so innocent... but let me tell you, this is no innocent bed.  And I'm not just talking about creating a sexy atmosphere, which is does through its "Romance Mode," enabling you to set up a variety of lighting choices and mood music to mysteriously coincide with your own mood.  The bed itself has a very sexy coil innerspring system called the Joey™, that arranges itself around your body giving it utmost support, with or without various settings for vibration. 

And if you like it hot, your bed has dual-sided temperature controls which can be set up to 117°F.  Menopausal?  Starry Night has you covered with cool, right down to 68°.


Entertainment (And Work, If You Must) Central

Look no further for an entertainment system; the Starry Night will be your new rec room.  Naturally, Starry Nights comes with Internet connectivity, Microsoft's Media Center, an iPod docking station, and Starry Night boasts a surround sound system with four eight-inch subwoofers, an audiophile ribbon tweeter for extremely smooth sound, and 2,500 watt RMS Amplification. See the speakers at the corners of the bed?  They arise at the push of a button like automatic bed posts.



The headboard projector boasts a 1080p LCD based projector with a 6000:1 contrast ratio and 2,000 lumens. It casts a 120-inch (10-foot) screen on the wall and can be used to project movies, books, music navigation features, the Internet, the Good Morning screen and even the local daily weather. It also has DVR capability.


The little guy up top casts a 120 inch projection!The little guy up top casts a 120 inch projection!


Power?  Just about 1.5 terabytes of disc storage for 400,000 songs or 2,000 hours of video.  Enough? If Starry Night would just care for your food and bath needs somehow, you could spend half a lifetime in this bed.


(Oh, Yeah!) Sleep Central


Not a market report; your sleep report!Not a market report; your sleep report!

Now, let's get to sleep.  In addition to Joey baby's special coiling being super responsive to your moves, Starry Night monitors your sleeping patterns and gives you a report in the morning!  The report provides information on how much you toss and turn, how many times you get out of bed and whether or not your breathing patterns indicate you were really relaxed.  Over a period of a month, you are charted and given tips on how you can sleep better.

Snore much?  If you don't know, don't worry. In response to the vibrations caused by your snoring, Starry Nights will lift your head a few degrees to open up your nasal passages and alleviate mild to moderate snoring.  Once it does, the level of the head will be returned to its normal position.



Here's a little action from the CES convention!



There are even more crazy, wild, wonderful, and totally expensive features of Starry Night, which will sell for $20,000 to $50,000, depending on individual customization, later this year.


Starry Night, Lifeware via Tech-Styling