Starting Early: Inventor Gets His First Patent At 15

Thirteen when he applied for his first patent, Kansan Zachary Smith just received it at the age of 15.  His invention? A sports chair that comes with its own blanket and carrying case that apparently no one had thought of before.  Now, with patent in hand, Smith is looking to make the most of it.


Zachary Smith with his Sports Snuggler: image credit: Mike Ransdell via kansascity.comZachary Smith with his Sports Snuggler: image credit: Mike Ransdell via


A born entrepreneur, Smith started his own lawn mowing business in the fourth grade; One Boy And A Mower. Going to his brother's soccer games gave him the inspiration for the Sports Snuggler, his chair with a built in blanket and cover, in the sixth grade, and he used the money that he had saved mowing lawns to pay the legal bills for his patent application.

Though about 20 companies have contacted him about his Sports Snuggler, Smith is keeping his options open.  He sees plenty of licensing opportunities among high school, college, and professional ball clubs.  He is considering going to a new inventions show in Pittsburgh this summer to see if he can interest some 'big fish' in his invention.


Kansas City Star

Jan 20, 2011
by Anonymous


I disagree with the conception of his creativity or inventive manner. Mowing yards isn't impressive, even in the 4th grade. And the 'invention' of his appears to be little more than a chair and a sleeping bag.