'State Of The Art' Indoor Dog Toilet: No Smell, No Mess?


Here's what every spoiled dog and every lazy dog parent needs: an indoor dog toilet that only needs to be cleaned once a week.... Okay, bad weather, well, it happens.  And humans, well, we work long hours and get sick and all kinds of stuff that keeps us from taking out our dogs.  And some dogs just don't like it when it's cold, snowy, rainy... why my dog doesn't even like it when there's a bit of a breeze! I have to carry him to the street and then he pulls me back home. Maybe all of us should consider owning one of these State-Of-The-Art indoor dog potties, just in case...


State-Of-The-Art Dog PottyState-Of-The-Art Dog Potty


State-Of-The-Art claims to contain your dog's pee in a hermetically sealed tank for up to a week and, unlike indoor dog potties that are covered with artificial grass, there's no urine smell emanating through your home from the dog toilet!  You will have to pick up your dog's poop daily, however. 

The State-Of-The-Art dog potty is portable - for two purposes. One, so you can easily travel with it, and the other, so you can pack it up and take it to your own toilet to empty it.  Another plus is that the State-Of-The-Art doesn't require any attachments, pads, or filters; nothing needs to be replaced.  And, the State-Of-The-Art dog potty has a lifetime durability guarantee.  Consider it. (Update: This product appears to be discontinued. For other indoor potty recommendations, consider 8 Dog Potties Better Than Trees.)


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