Statue Of Liberty Action Figures From Japan Express A Little TOO Much Freedom

Think the Statue Of Liberty's a little too stiff? Think she should loosen up a little... or a lot? Be careful what you wish for, a designer from Japan's Takara Tomy just might make your bronze-plated dreams come true.

The so-called “Too Free Goddess” series of vending machine snap-together figurines from Takara Tomy's edgy Panda's Hole division sees America's vaunted symbol of freedom shake off a century of rust and let it all hang out.

A total of six different poses make up the series, including a bizarre “Cornholio” figurine right out of Mike Judge's worst nightmare. You've heard of Beavis and Butt-head Do America? Well, here's America doing Beavis and Butt-head... or at least, Beavis.

Competition must be frenetic in Japan's gachapon vending machine industry as witnessed by the number of bizarre themes we've previously covered, including Sea Slugs and Big Game Trophy Heads.

Like these others, the Statue Of Liberty figurines come packed into small plastic capsules dispensed from gum machine-style vending machines and cost about $2 each.

Takara Tomy has produced a batch of short video commercials to promote the Too Free Goddess figurines – you can watch them via The Panda's Hole channel at YouTube. As you migfht expect, they're bizarrely humorous so check 'em out. Thanks as always to Jonelle Patrick at Only In Japan.