Status and Sex Brought To The Greens With Eye Candy Caddies

For some people, golf is a status symbol. They join the most prestigious clubs, play the top courses and buy only the best gear. Now, a UK based business called Eye Candy Caddies takes this to the next level by providing young, attractive, female caddies to assist with or distract you from your golf game.









The focus of the company's service is definitely less upon the "caddy" part of the name, and more about the "eye candy". They claim that their caddies are more than just pretty faces and great bodies, but also clarify that they are not professional caddies; that just may be an understatement. Eye Candy Caddies receive some training, which includes learning to stay quiet when someone is taking a shot, not laughing at someone who's playing badly, and remembering to duck when "FORE!" is shouted.





While the caddies' uniforms are somewhat sexy and revealing, they meet the course's standards in order to maintain some level of decency when bending to fill divots or raking the sand trap

Eye Candy Caddies offers basic service packages for 230 GBP; golfers can choose their own private caddy to escort them for 18-holes of golf plus an hour's worth of drinks at the bar; or for the same cost they can share a caddy with two parties. The eye candy will also assist with tournaments and events for fees ranging from 170 GBP to 290 GBP depending upon duties required.











Thirty of the company's caddies are featured on the website, with photos and profiles to help golfers make their selections, which naturally, are not based on skills at all.

This is the first escort style service specifically for golf enthusiasts, and is another example, that right or wrong, sex sells.

Dec 23, 2008
by Anonymous

eye candy caddies.

meh, pretty routine in the U.S. - both guys and girls are eye candy at charity tourneys. Even hookers from time to time!

Dec 23, 2008
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
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 Thanks for your comment.I

 Thanks for your comment.I would have to agree, it reminded me of the charity tournaments attended by the playboy bunnies...however, this one is unusual because it's an actual business venture,  and one where the eye candy actually participates instead of standing on the sidelines!

Beth Hodgson
Innovative Business Writer