Stay Cool While Camping With The Coleman Lighted Tent Fan

Coleman CPXColeman CPX

It's always good to have a lantern while camping. It's always good to have a fan while camping in the spring and summer. It's best to have both in one gadget. That's exactly what the Coleman Lighted Tent Fan CPX 6 is--a lantern that doubles as a fan.

With up to 99 Lumens of brightness, the Coleman CPX 6 will provide ample light in any tent. It comes with four lifetime 5mm LED lights that will never need replacing, and it runs off of either four D batteries or one rechargeable CPX 6 battery (sold separately). 

Coleman Lighted Tent FanColeman Lighted Tent Fan

You can either hang the Coleman CPX 6 in the tent or sit it on the ground. The fan is equipped with four soft foam blades and three settings (low, high and off). The soft foam blades are safer than hard blades. The light and fan run independently, and the fan will run up to 30 hours with just it on or about 10 hours with both on. 

For more information on this awesome camping product, you can go to Coleman's site, or you could check it out on Amazon. You can also pick one up on Amazon, and at around $32 they aren't a bad buy at all.

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