Stay Toasty With Marco Dessi's Twisted Radiator

As most of us can attest, it's still winter and in most parts of the northern hemisphere it's appropriately chilly outside, despite the threat of global warming. If you are hoping to stay toasty this season without compromising your artistic sensibilities, then this wall radiator by Austrian designer Marco Dessi might be right up your alley.

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Inspired by the industrial radiators of yesterday, this model was designed to add a contemporary touch to older buildings, whose old-fashioned appliances may be a hindrance to achieving a modernized look. Each individual square can be turned to create a sense of movement within the streamlined horizontal design, and a simple rotation of an end piece is all it takes to turn it on or off. Low-profile and simple, this radiator adds a sophisticated twist to a functional (and necessary) classic.

Found via trendir
(image from mocoloco )

Sarah O
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