The Steak Station Thermometer Makes You King Of The Grill


There is no doubt that summer barbeques can be a lot of fun, but if you are the one in charge of cooking the steaks they can quickly lose their charm.  Inevitably, each guest will request his/her steak done a different way.  It can be very tricky to get each steak to the correct doneness and to keep track of the timing when you are juggling several at once.  You will find yourself running back and forth between the house and the yard, obsessively checking your watch and cursing yourself for turning away at the wrong moment.



To make these grilling get-togethers more enjoyable again you may want to pick up a Steak Station thermometer or two.  This nifty little gadget keeps track of the internal temperature of four steaks at a time.  The device comes with four different colored prongs and a digital readout screen that shows you where each steak is in the cooking process (rare-well).  The prongs should be placed in the center of each steak and will measure temperatures from 115 to 170 F. 



The Steak Station is a fairly inexpensive gadget and could potentially solidify your status as the best griller in the neighborhood.   (See Steak Station)


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