Stealth Wear: The Anti-Drone Hoodie For The Paranoid Fashionista

We may be living in a world of high tech espionage, but New York artist Adam Harvey is creating a line of clothing called Stealth Wear that will allow individuals to remain invisible. It is the sort of breakthrough that will have paranoid people around the globe turning in their tin foil hats for fashion-forward hoodies and scars.  Harvey's earliest creations are on display all this month at Primitive, a trendy West London boutique.

Sealth Wear Event Poster, Primitive Boutique, January 2013Sealth Wear Event Poster, Primitive Boutique, January 2013

The "anti-drone hoodie" is created out of a metalized material that messes with an infa-red camera's ability to track body heat. It is the sort of technology that spy drones use to track people on the ground. The material can also block tracking signals. 

Harvey, along with designer Johanna Bloomfield, created the line in part as a way to start a conversation about the increasing use of surveillance in today's society. The line of high tech Stealth Wear was unveiled last week at Primitive, a boutique in West London.

The current line includes the hoodie, which looks like a small poncho with a hood, a scarf, a shirt that shields the heart from x-rays, and a protective sleeve for your cell phone to block it from being tracked.

Stealth Wear Event Poster, Primitive Boutique, January 2013Stealth Wear Event Poster, Primitive Boutique, January 2013

Why all of the interest in counter-surveillance Stealth Wear? There are 63 drone sites in the United States that are flying sorties over American soil.

Due to the pricey nature of the materials involved, you won't be finding any of these items in Walmart any time soon. Harvey still has to come up with a price list for his items. Chances are, for the time being at least, only the rich will be able to be this paranoid.

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