Steam Train Humidifier Keeps Air Moist, Friends Amused

The Steam Train PET Bottle Humidifier is one of those “so obvious” concepts that only Japan seems capable of actually putting into production. It's almost enough to prompt a facepalm – Old West iron horse keeps your throat from getting hoarse. DOH!

The humidifier's body is made from black ABS plastic and measures 23.5cm long by 12.5cm tall by 6cm wide, or 9.4” by 5” by 2.4” for the metrically challenged. It runs on USB-provided power and has an automatic safety shutoff that kicks in if the water runs out. When that happens, just invert a filled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) water bottle into the receptacle located in the “firebox” area of the body and you're good to go.

A nice added touch is the small headlight at the front of the body that glows when the humidifier is in operation. The Steam Train PET Bottle Humidifier is ideal for computer engineers who've been at their station for far too long.

Rinkya Stores is selling this neato item, which comes in a colorful illustrated box, for US$25.99 each. The site is in English and the staff are knowledgeable and helpful.