Steampunk Segway Looks Much Cooler Than The Original

After coming across this "Legway", I came to a shocking realization: the actual Segway is so damn dorky and useless that the human-powered version is quite few steps up the evolutionary ladder. In fact, I think it will make any user look comparitively cooler. And unlike the Segway, this steampunk Legway will actually allow you to exercise rather than avoiding it like dinner at the inlaws'. It won't cost you your child's college fund, either.

The steampunk Segway is a simple device that uses foot pedals attached directly to the two wheels to allow the user to slowly spin his way around town. The Legway maintains the distinctive forward lean of the Segway and the steampunk styling really drives home the retro look. You can read the entire story of how the designer conceived this idea and built it ground up from a variety of inexpensive spare parts at Build Log and Instructables.  

While this device appears to be a bit more effort than it'd be worth to actually take out onto the streets, especially when it comes to downhills (you'd have to pedal awfully fast),  it sure makes a unique piece of functional art that any steampunk fan would surely have a place for in or outside his home. The device is an entry in the Epilog Laser Engraver Challenge so if you like it, stop by and throw out some vote love.

This original design has seemed to stimulate a good deal of excitement in the creative community, so don't be surprised if you see someone riding around your home town with a garage-built steampunk Segway of their own. In fact, I think enthusiastic modders may have already surpassed the number of regular Segway users.

 via Oh Gizmo!

Apr 24, 2009
by Anonymous

Segway, dorky?

I have a segway, all terrain, I take it into the mountains, travel in the back country, it's quiet, can get through most any where a 4 wheeler can go and I don't mess up the roads.

I built a trailer for it out of a hand pulled golf cart to carry my gear, I wouldn't have it any other way. Why are you so worried about something be "dorky"?


Apr 27, 2009
by Anonymous

Segway = Dorky

Why don't you just hike in those mountains and actually get some exercise. If you don't mind looking dorky, you can pull a little red wagon and acheive the same end as your Segway trailer all for less than $100. What did your Segway cost you? $6,000?


Apr 28, 2009
by Anonymous

Segway, dorky?

Why don't you say the same things about a 4 - wheelers that tear up the mountain trails? I don't use any gas, don't pollute the environment and travel as quiet as can be. I get plenty of exercise when when I get to my destination; probably a lot more than you, just sitting in front of your glowing screen.
No, I didn't pay even half that for my segway, and I built the trailer to carry my camping gear. In the mountains of Idaho, I don't usually come across any dorks, except for a lost city dweller in their big gas sucking suv.