Stellé Audio Clutch: Wearable Tech Innovation Meets Audio Couture

The Stellé Audio Clutch and its easy to use interface, which pairs wirelessly to any Bluetooth device, allows the user to experience the incredible, mood-altering power of music, listen to the stirring sounds of the sea, host a conference call or converse with a friend from a remote tropical glade or inside the comfort of a luxury high-rise. Audio Couture is a burgeoning industry, and Stellé is a leader in developing portable wireless speakers that look as good as they sound with their unique combination of high-end, sleek design and exceptional sound quality.


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 Who is behind Stellé and what is the company mission?

Created by husband and wife team, Anna Perelman and Wayne Ludlum, Stellé Audio Couture is known for its innovative spirit and vision, which entails breaking the rules of conventional design and paving the way for new, attractive and original creations.

Founder Anna firmly believes that technology can and should be beautiful and company president, Wayne Ludlum, is an award-winning technology pioneer and entrepreneur who shares his wife's passion for elegant design. Together, they are determined to redefine the landscape of fashion technology. In keeping with this goal, Stellé won the 2014 CES Innovation Design and Engineering Awards Honoree award for both the Audio Clutch and the Audio Pillar, a sleek, brushed aluminum speaker designed  to forever fuse home decor and technology.


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Features of the Stellé Audio Clutch


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If there is an operative word for the Stellé Audio Clutch, it would have to be freedom. Its universal power supply (100-240V AC,50-60Hz), Lithium-rechargable battery, which lasts for 15 hours, built-in microphone for speakerphone capabilities as well as a Bluetooth wireless range of up to fifty feet allow for hands-free conversation and the user's ability to gently get lost in music's relaxing web. Lightweight and attractive, the Stellé Audio Clutch is the perfect musical accompaniment on any trip near or far, and like any accessory worth its salt, it comes in a variety of colors and textures to match your particular mood, preference and sense of style.


Music  has a wide range of effects on our physical and mental health. It won't transform a mean and demanding supervisor into a nice person or prevent monster in-laws and other white-gloved relatives from making that annual pilgrimage to your home, but it can induce feelings of peace and glorious serenity, albeit for just a little while.


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Studies show that listening to music can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and even lessen the intensity of pain. As a rule, the human race is not cognizant of the power that music has to tap into our psyches and our souls. Music can alter perspectives, and in its own way serves as both tranqulizer  and mind-altering drug, minus interaction problems and side effects.

Long live music!

Final thoughts about music and its unexpected impact on our lives:

I can't listen to that much Wagner. I start getting the urge to conquer Poland. ~ Woody Allen


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