STEM Sells Research - Selling Science To Kids

One thing nobody would have predicted 30 years ago is that geeks would become cool. And rich. If it's got something to do with computers or design, there's a geek at the wheel somewhere who helped make it happen, and there are millions of school kids around the world wanting to follow in that geek's footsteps.

But there's another kind of geek that is still largely ignored, which is a little ironic, because without this kind of geek, the cool kind of geek wouldn't exist. We're talking about the oft-disregarded science geek. While there's a computer or design geek at the wheel of all the 'cool' stuff, about the only thing science geeks haven't been in some way responsible for is the wheel (and you could probably mount a pretty solid argument against that, as well).

So the big question is, if science geeks are so important, how do you make them cool? It just has to be possible.

The USA Science & Engineering Festival is trying hard to make it happen. At next year's 2nd USA Science & Engineering Festival, in Washington DC, they are dedicating an entire pavilion to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Careers.

And there is a lot going on in this pavilion: encounters with scientists and engineers, a STEM programs exposition, a college fair, and a job Fair. All they need now is the people and organizations to help make this happen. And they're accepting applications now.

So, if you're a scientist or engineer who would enjoy being interviewed by prospective scientists and engineers about the work you do; or if you represent a university, laboratory, or company that offers internships, mentorships, scholarships and after-school programs in science, technology, engineering or mathematics; or if you represent a college that wants to attract some enthusiastic young science geeks; or if you represent a company, university, government agency or laboratory that would like to recruit said enthusiastic young science geeks; or even if you have an idea for other activities that should take place in the STEM careers pavilion, then you best get started here.

Here's a recap from the last festival: