Step Up (On) To A Carbon, F1-Inspired Skateboard

Despite some advances in design and shaping, skateboards are largely something a neanderthal could have built: a wood deck with wheels screwed to it. Not too complicated. With all the advances in pretty much every other type of vehicle--cars, motorcycles, bikes, scooters, etc.--you'd think that there'd be a little more tech thrown at the skateboard. They are used for some pretty impressive feats, after all.

Well, here's a playing-field leveler. It's the Roadmaster deck from German company WeFunk. That's right they funk. And by funk, we mean they make a state-of-the-art board crafted from  composite techniques used in F1 racing. It's basically a race car on your feet. Minus the massive engine.

Oddly, the shape of this thing looks pretty old school--kinda like the plastic banana board I used to ride at my grandparents' house, a board that was leftover from my dad's childhood. Not exactly screaming X-Games 2012 with that flat cigar shape, but the composite sure looks sexy. In case you're curious, that's a mix of epoxy pre-impregnated carbon, foamcore,  internal poplar wood inlays, European ash and zebrawood. 

Each board is handcrafted over the course of 20 to 22 hours. As such, the price on these limited edition boards ain't cheap: $825. Might want to stick this one on the wall rather than off the rail. 

WeFunk via BornRich