StepGlider: It's Like a Mobile Nordic Track

Any product that incorporates more of your body into a work-out is a good one, in my opinion. That's less time spent working up a sweat and more time spent daydreaming on the couch eating assorted snacks and beverages. The StepGlider certainly incorporates more muscles into your workout and it does it in an intuitive way that makes one wonder why no one has come out with such a device in the past (perhaps because the StepGlider looks rather clunky and intimidating).

Look back in your memory to 1995 or so and recall the days when you used to rollerblade. Your arms didn't sit idly by, they swung back and forth in rhythm to that sweet, sweet bladin' motion. Even if you've never rollerbladed, the same can be said of walking--arms swaying back and forth in stride. However, outside of providing balance and positioning, your arms don't actively contribute that much to your forward motion.

Designed by Thomas Van Halewyck, the StepGlider repairs this issue by attaching poles to the rollerblade-inspired wheeled shoes. Inside the shoes is a gear box that effectively turns arm motion into increased forward motion, adding speed and efficiency. So now you're rollerblading with both your legs and arms and getting an enhanced workout while traveling faster. The StepGlider also includes a built-in brake mechanism, which is presumably much better than leaning back on those terrible rubber bumper brakes.

Of course, rollerblades and skates haven't been fashionable for sometime. And their comeback trail probably doesn't entail weighing them down with big metal poles and making them as unstylish and awkward as shoes could ever be. However, the StepGlider design is certainly a noteworthy concept that could potentially offer both an excellent form of exercise and an efficient means of travel. Watch it in use here:

Via: Yanko Design