Stepping Into A Balanced Solution

Another MIT graduate has come up with a scientific invention that can help individuals with balance problems.

Source: Donna Coveney at MIT

Erez Lieberman, a graduate student in the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, has created an invention known as the iShoe. Lieberman stated that the insole of the shoe could help doctors detect balance problems before a dangerous fall takes place.

Since the elderly are known to suffer injuries such as hip fractures from falling, this new iinvention could be a scientific breakthrough. The current model of the iShoe is only equipped to diagnose balance problems, but future versions could do more such as providing sensory stimulation to the feet when the wearer isn’t steady.   

Lieberman originally started the idea as an intern at NASA to help astronauts and their balance problems when returning from space. Since then, the student and his co-workers have applied for a patent on the technology and have also received a $50,000 grant from the Lunar Ventures Competition.

To find out more about the breakthrough, visit MIT’s website.