SteriShoe Kills 99.9 Percent Of Harmful Shoe Microorganisms


Shoes are havens for bacteria.  The problem is even the most committed homebody goes out from time to time, so we all have at least one pair of shoes to deal with (some of us even own too many to count).  Unfortunately, over time shoes can get quite disgusting inside.  Sweat, dead skin and bacteria from our feet can cause shoes to smell and potentially become a health concern.  Luckily, someone has developed a solution.



The SteriShoe is a shoe insert made to kill 99.9 percent of harmful microorganisms that can develop in footwear.  The device completes its treatment cycle within 45 minutes.  It looks like it would be a helpful health gadget for anyone, but is made particularly for those with diabetes, recurrent athlete’s foot or chronic foot odor.
The UVC light used in the SteriShoe can be harmful to the eyes if looked at for a period of time or held too close to the skin, so safety measures have been included to ensure that the device is harmless.  Sensors are activated when the gadget is compressed and enclosed in a dark area; they shut the device off when outside light is detected.  If you want to use Sterishoe on sandals though, you just have to insert everything into the special shoe bag that is also included.  There are four sizes available so there should be one for everyone.  Now if only they could create a super quick acting device to be used at the bowling alley.  You can get the SteriShoe here.

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