Stick It! The Top 10 Antisocial Stick Figure Family Decals

Stick figure family decals have been around since 2006, if you can believe it, and though their 15 minutes of fame has LONG expired... they unfortunately haven't. These 10 antisocial stick figure family decals cleverly mock, belittle, shame and otherwise skewer those who would advertise their oh-so-perfect socioeconomic status to those stuck in traffic behind them.

10) *Hick* Figure Family

Is it any wonder why this fine fellow's feeling so, er, Chery? Does the driver ever wonder why he keeps getting pulled over and asked to take a sobriety test? (antisocial stick figure family decal image via Funny Vehicle Stickers)   

9) Have 14 Cats, Will Travel

This is NOT the pussy-mobile you were thinking of, as if you didn't know that already from the pungent pet shop aroma wafting out the windows. As for the state of the interior, let's just say rich Corinthian leather makes an irresistible scratching post. (antisocial stick figure family decal image via Archaeology and Material Culture)

8) Ass The Man Who Drives One

Ever wonder whatever happened to Cosmo Kramer, the Assman? Wonder no longer, he's settled down to raise a family with no ifs, ands or... well actually, a lot of butts. (antisocial stick figure family decal image via The LOLBRARY)

7) Wide Load Ahead!

Speaking of 15 minutes of fame being up... she's baaaack! Yeppers, Octomom's on the road again and let's all pray she's not pregnant. If this family had any more sticks it'd be declared a fire hazard. (antisocial stick figure family decal image via Straydog Scraps) 

6) Candy Is Dandy

Everyone loves candy, Daddy just loves her in a different way: behind Mommy's back, or her car as the case may be. No wonder Daddy's smile is bigger than everybody else's. (antisocial stick figure family decal image via Imgur

5) No Fear, No Family

Don't like stick figure family stickers? Why not just show us your true feelings on the subject in bold, graphic style? Gee, we hope Elizabeth is OK. (antisocial stick figure family decal image via TC Ramblings)

4) Penn State Nittany Lions Family Spirit Window Stickers

Too soon? (antisocial stick figure family decal image via

3) The Mormon The Merrier

If having one family is something to brag about, having FOUR families is... a couple hours applying stick figure stickers to your back window. Something tells me does a disproportionate amount of business in the erstwhile State of Deseret. (antisocial stick figure family decal image via The Meta Picture)

2) I'm Not Bitter...

All hail this tragic heroine as she pulls into the soccer field's parking lot! Bitter or not, this Mom ended up with five true treasures... six if we include her SUV billboard. (antisocial stick figure family decal image via Tapiture)  

1) Money & Daddy

Talking about treasure, if you've got it, flaunt it and if you don't have it, flaunt it to the max! There's a similar version that includes either a wife or a husband along with an appreciably smaller pile of unspent income. (antisocial stick figure family decal image via Etsy/StuckGraphics

How is it that as the obesity rate continues to rise, the number of stick figure families grows right along with it. Does anyone see the irony, or are we too busy trying to decipher that third kid's name (is it Aiden, Jayden or Braeden?) while drafting a dusty minivan on the interstate during a thunderstorm? (antisocial stick figure family decal image at top via and above via Random Dysfunctions)

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