Still Searching For Just The Right Pooper Scooper? Here's The Dog Dung Vacuum!

Everyone I know with a dog thinks they have the best idea for a pooper scooper.  Well, here's a new one: the Dog Dung Vacuum... a pooper scooper with power!


The Dog Dung VacuumThe Dog Dung Vacuum


There are special vacuums that suck up dog hair; why not dog poop? This super-charged do-do sucker has a 30,000 rpm motor that recharges easily with its AC adapter. One charge provides up to 50 scoops! 

The best part of the Dog Dung Vacuum is that you never have to see the poop again once it leaves your yard.  You won't even get a glimpse of it entering the see-through rod leading to the handle, because the poop never even enters the rod.  All the dog poop is sucked up into a disposable bag at the base, never touching even a smidgen of the Dog Dung Vacuum except the little nozzle at the entry hole.

Wow!  You don't have to see it or scrape it off of anything (except the nozzle).  What an invention!  There's no question but that this is the best pooper scooper yet... is there?

The Dog Dung Vacuum is reasonably priced and selling at (where else?) Hammacher Schlemmer, always delivering the unexpected with a lifetime guarantee.  (An almost identical Pet Power Scooper is also available on Amazon here.

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