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Still Time With Standard Shipping: Fun Eco-Friendly Toy Gift Guide

For the eco-friendly procrastinator in need of earth-friendly toys for the children in the family rest assured they can still be found and shipped out on time from Amazon.com with standard shipping. So don't panic. Instead take a look at some of the unique toys below.


1. Eco-Friendly Toy: Doll House

Wonderworld Eco-Friendly Eco HouseWonderworld Eco-Friendly Eco House

This dollhouse comes with a solar panel, a recycle bin and windmill. It is made with environmentally friendly rubber wood, and is painted with nontoxic paints and dyes. The eco-friendly packaging is made from recycled paper. (Buy here)


2. Eco-Friendly Toy: Kids Toothbrush Timer

Sevi Creative Kids Toothbrush Timer Eco-Friendly Toy, GirlSevi Creative Kids Toothbrush Timer Eco-Friendly Toy, Girl

This is a handmade hardwood toothbrush toy for a fun tooth brushing experience. It is painted with vegetable dye and other eco-friendly materials. It also comes complete with a cup and toothbrush. (Buy here)


3. Eco-friendly Toy: Going Green Experiment Kit

Magic School Bus Going Green Experiment KitMagic School Bus Going Green Experiment Kit

This Magic School Bus kit is for the kid that loves to experiment. With this experiment kit, kids can learn about reducing, recycling, and reusing by participating in eco-friendly projects. Stickers and tools are included.(Buy here)


4. Eco-friendly Toy: Eco Phone

Ecotronics Eco PhoneEcotronics Eco Phone

This eco-friendly phone toy is perfect for the toddler of the family. Toddlers love to shake toys in their hands so this toy will definitely maintain its charge since it requires shaking to power it. There is no cranking or batteries required to charge it up. Four buttons feature lights and four different ring tones. The phone has four different ring tones and four buttons the light up. The packaging is biodegradable. (Buy here)