STM32 Microcontroller Wins EDN China 2008 Innovation Award

According to news sources, EDN's Innovation Award honors outstanding electronic products and professionals and is selected by an expert jury and voted on by engineers in China. Based on the advanced ARM Cortex-M3 core, controllers in the STM32 family can offer up to 512 Kbytes of on-chip Flash, a large SRAM and extra features for displays, sound, storage, advanced control and low power consumption, with multiple power-saving modes for optimal performance in a wide range of consumer and industrial products.



The judges represented a cross section of industry specialists and experts from China's leading OEM companies, academic institutes, universities and EDN China’s editorial board. Readers and registered users of EDN China were then invited to vote for the winners in nine categories. Arnaud Julienne, Director, Microcontrollers, Memories & Smartcards Group, had this to say:

“We are very proud that STM32 won the Best Product Award of this year’s EDNC Innovation Award. Although STM32 was designed in Europe, it is widely accepted by Chinese engineers since EDNC netizens and engineers vote it. We are pleased that the STM32 has gained significant design-wins in the mass market of China. The applications into which China’s engineers are designing the STM32 demonstrate their world-class marketing and design skills.”

Launched in 1990 in the Silicon Valley, the EDN Innovation Award is meant to honor the innovative products and people in the electronics industry. Over the years, China has developed an electronic-design infrastructure and more and more innovative products have been introduced by China. In 2008, 160 products from 74 companies were nominated to compete for the awards. Fifty-one of these products were selected as finalists.

STM claimed net revenue of $10 billion for the year 2007. Results for this year remain to be seen, but success for the coming year seems a pretty safe prediction.

Go STM, (and take the rest of us with you). Go!