Stockholm Taxi: Introduces Commuter Communication With Onboard Therapists

Taxi drivers serve a number of essential purposes in this world. They deal with unfortunate catastrophes that occur while shuttling drunk people around (taking the necessity from the rest of us), they listen to the mundane details of our daily lives, and they save us from walking or driving in unpleasant weather. Even with all of that, they're still underappreciated, but that may be about to change.

Stockholm Taxi may sound like any other ordinary cab company, but it's starting to do something very different that's never been done before. They've hired a fleet of therapists to add compassion to their commuting service. Believe it or not, taxi drivers are much like bartenders when it comes to lending an ear to their patrons. Although, perhaps if you use this method of travel regularly, you know that already.

These therapists will lend their ear and provide advice on just about any life issue. From venting about a bad day at work, to stopping unfortunate drunk dialing situations, the support is available.

Whether this will be a permanent addition to their service, or just a part time perk, it's certain to encourage more locals to take cabs.

Via: Daily Mail