Stone Age Swiss Army Knife Design Revealed

You just know that Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble each carried one of these in their pockets just for those prehistoric caveman emergencies. This Stone Age Swiss Army Knife comes with all of the tools a Stone Age Swiss Army KnifeStone Age Swiss Army Knifehairy Neanderthal just might need in a long day of hunting, foraging, and what-have-you. It is a must-have for that prehistoric man on the go.

This is a hilarious take on the all-in-one utility tools that seem to be everywhere these days. While you won't be finding a tiny pair of scissors or a nail file with this, you will get your basic stone hammer and spear head. 

The knife is crafted to show realistic stone features, faux animal sinew attachments, and flint chipping. Perhaps it won't bring down a mastodon for dinner, but you can still use the spearhead to clean the cave grit from under your fingernails.

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