Stoneline Frying Pans -- Are They Worth It?

I cook.  I don't mean a little.  I mean a lot.  Those that know me also know that among other things I'm a Lunch Lady (well, okay... technically a Lunch Man), a caterer, and general all around foodie.  When I saw the infomercial on the Stoneline (also known as Stonedine) pans, I had to look into it a bit further.  I mean, how different can they be from other non-stick pans, right?

Hmmm.... Looks like every other pan to me.  What's the big deal?  Let's take a look at a demonstration for this product and go from there:

Looks pretty good to me.  The fact that no oil was used in the cooking process is quite impressive.  And the bottom of the pan has me impressed as well:

This design of the bottom would spread the heat evenly and the overall design of the pan would increase cooking temperature, as indicated by the digital thermometor in the video.  That pancake suffered a bit, though.  A little overdone.  And I was freaking out as he let the omelette go for so long.  Something tells me they did a re-shoot of that sequence... or edited it to pull the pancake off of the pan before the eggs.  I did 18 years in film and video (much of it in editing... and getting obnoxious producers matches to light their cigars--that's another story), so I know something about how the medium works.  I can't claim to be 100% on this thought--it just looks that way to me, as those eggs, as thin as they were poured, would be crispy critters by the time he pulled that pancake.  But it is impressive as to how he pops it out of the pan...

It's hard to argue the efficacy of these pans. They seem to be a combination of cast iron and teflon.

While a bit pricey, until I own one I can't tell if it's TV magic or the real deal.  The price is daunting, to say the least.  So I went to some reviews to find out.  Reaction to the products, in general, are quite positive.  Most purchasers claim that the pots and pans are incredibly reliable and act as seen in the infomercial.  That being said, the negatives are interesting.

The problems boil down (no pun intended... oh, yeah... it was) to these issues.  Now, let's keep in mind that I'm not defending this product--just stating how things work after 20 some-odd years in the food service industry (me, not the pan):

1. The outside of the pan stains.

Um... well, of course it does.  That happens to all pans over time.  The outside of my favorite pan looks like something from a horror movie--but the sides are solid and the bottom conducts great heat, while the inside is quite nicely used, but not scary.

2.  The coating peels off like Teflon.

I dunno--haven't used it yet, but will let you know when I do.

3. Bad customer service.

That pretty much says it.  No need to go on.

With the cost of the Stoneline pans being so high, I would recommend doing further research before purchase--hand's on research if possible.  I'm always looking for a good pot/pan, so I plan on digging into this a bit more and doing some cooking with one of these.  When I do, I'll let you know.

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