Stop Checking Your Phone! Uno Noteband Will Give You Alerts You Need And Track Your Activity

Uno NotebandUno Noteband

In today's tech-driven world, we rely so much on our mobile devices. On average, those with smartphones check those phones about 150 times a day. Uno Noteband is the activity tracker that can also help you to let your phone be and reconnect with your world. 

The technology market is awash with activity trackers, and often only a small aesthetic quality or feature separates the different brands and versions. The Uno Noteband sets itself apart from the crowd with its utilization of Spritz technology and ability to connect to your online gaming and social networks and give you real time updates for those networks.

Uno Connects With Online Gaming NetworksUno Connects With Online Gaming Networks

You're going to get the same basic features in just about any activity tracker on the market--step counter, sleep tracker, calorie counter and heart rate monitor are the four most common features. The Uno Noteband has the step counter, calorie counter and sleep tracker. 

Uno also has the ability to connect you to all of your gaming and social networks. Customize which apps send you notifications and get those notifications at a glance. The Spritz technology employed by Uno centers each word on the screen, allowing you to read up to 80% faster. With notifications coming in through your Uno, you won't have to constantly take out your phone and tap buttons to stay virtually connected, which allows you to stay "real time" connected.

Uno Syncs With Your DevicesUno Syncs With Your Devices

If you're a gamer, Uno may be the activity tracker for you. I know that seems like an oxymoron--a gamer with an activity tracker. However, the ability to get quick, at-a-glance notifications via wristband instead of smartphone is a great feature, and there are gamers who also enjoy staying active and fit, so an activity tracker that keeps you connected is perfect for them.

Track Your Activities With UnoTrack Your Activities With Uno

The Uno Noteband features a 6-axis motion tracker that works with both Apple Health and Google Fit. You can sync your mobile devices to Uno so that you can track and keep a history of your activity. You'll also get a bright, crisp OLED display and a battery that lasts several days on one charge. 

Uno isn't yet on the market, but the makers just ran a successful Indiegogo campaign. You can wait for this activity tracker to hit the market or pre-order one on Uno's website.

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