Stop His Wee Wee With a Teepee

Those who have baby boys have undoubtedly been blessed with at least one surprise squirt during changing time. Now there is a product designed to avoid such an unfortunate event.

Diaper changing is an inevitable activity if you are a new parent. If your little one is of the male variety, chances are you have already discovered how baby boys consider the removal of a diaper to be some sort of odd signal for bladder release.

The Ultimate Boy Part BlockerThe Ultimate Boy Part Blocker

No one likes to get sprayed in the face, and so to avoid this anything but refreshing encounter, a Chinese company has manufactured the Pee-Pee Teepee . It’s name may be cute and cheesy, but this handy product can be a stain saver for moms and dads frantic to change the diaper before the urine assault begins.

Just take a Pee-Pee Teepee and, as the website states, “place it on the wee-wee” during diaper changing. This is both a funny and functional product perfect for a baby shower, or even to buy for yourself if you are fed up with being in the line of fire.

They May Look Like Party Hats...They May Look Like Party Hats...

Made of 100% cotton, the tee pees come in a boy-appropriate airplane print, and travel to your doorstep in their own little laundry bag. You can order them through , or many other online retailers. (Buy here )

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May 6, 2008
by Anonymous


What a riot! We were just talking about this at my work today! My buddy told me that although I was having a girl, and that was great, I was going to be missing out on the pee pee teepee! I love this idea! My sister could have used this when her boys were infants!