New Innovation: Stop Texting And Driving At A Text Stop

The state of New York is taking the problem of texting and driving so seriously that they have created a new plan to deal with it. Governor Andrew Cuomo and highway officials unveiled a plan on Tuesday to place signs to direct Texting While Driving (You Tube Image)Texting While Driving (You Tube Image)drivers to 91 existing roadside rest areas where they can pull off to text. The plan is meant to encourage motorists to stop to text rather than to tempt fate by multitasking.

Distracted driving accounts for 20% of the car accidents in New York. Believe it or not, distracted driving causes five times the number of deaths as drunk driving. There has also been a 365% increase in the number of tickets issued for distracted driving over the summer of 2013 over the summer of 2012. 

New Road Signs for New YorkNew Road Signs for New YorkNew York is just 1 of 41 states that have banned texting while driving. During the latest crackdown police have issued 21,000 tickets. 

According to a nationwide study conducted by ATT&T the majority of those who text and drive are actually adults not teens.  In another study, this one conducted by the Centers for Disease control, found that 31% of adults aged 18 to 64 admitted to having read or sent a text while driving. Perhaps the most shocking thing about these findings is that people still engaged in the activity knowing how dangerous it is.

Cuomo said that this new effort is meant to send a clear message to motorists that there is no excuse for taking their hands off the steering wheel or their eyes off the road. There is also no reason to be in such a hurry that you can't take time to do the right thing.

This innovation may be a "sign" of things to come in other states.

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