Stop Worrying About Embarrassing Gas Thanks to Shreddies

Don't try this at homeDon't try this at home

Just like everybody poops, everyone passes gas here and there. Unfortunately, that doesn't make the smell any less terrible or less embarrassing. Thanks to a new concept in underwear though, no one has to smell your stinky farts any more.

That's because Shreddies block odors with activated charcoal that nuetralizes the smell of farts before it enters the air for everyone else to inhale. The charcoal is reactivated every time you wash them, so they keep working for years and they come in both male and female version so no matter what your gender, you're free from stench no matter how many beans you eat. Finally, folks can be free of the bulky charcoal underwear liners they had to wear to neutralize odors before Shreddies came along.

Unfortunately, there is no way to block the sound of your gas, so you still might have to deal with the embarrassment of ripping a fat one in front of everyone, but at least it won't stink. 

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Dec 27, 2013
by Anonymous

WARNING! Don't try and

WARNING! Don't try and order a pair of Shreddies! This company will charge your credit card but not bother to send you the product or even respond to email inquiries for your order. I had to file a dispute with my credit card company to get my money back. Great product - Bad Company!