Storage By Mail: The Easiest Self-Storage Concept Ever

Self-storage is suddenly a hot business since A&E decided to put a show on about storage auctions, and now there's a new business on the scene that's getting attention. It's one that's made a simple change to a standard business concept, and it feeds on the fact that people like things to come easily!

Storage By MailStorage By Mail

Storage By Mail is really quite self-explanatory in terms of its concept once you see its name. All you really need to do is mail off your items and they will be placed into storage. With a simple request, they'll be sent back so you have them available to you again without ever leaving home! Because of the convenience of this storage structure, a lot of major retailers have been getting in on the action!

Dec 23, 2010
by Anonymous

Apps for

Layaway gifts.

Otherwise I cant see much use for beyond those.
& how much to Use????

Apr 19, 2011
by Anonymous

more apps for

what about seasonal clothes and holiday decorations? seems like a good idea for storing those sorts of things. i remember seeing all of the flooded storage units after katrina. i could see myself wanting to store things out of state.