Store And Transport Over Three Meals At Once With The Innovator 300

Innovator 300Innovator 300

Are you someone who packs your lunch every day? Are you a health-conscious  meal planner? If so, have you found a lunch box or food storage product that fits your needs? Sometimes that can be hard for the lunch-packers of the world, that is unless you're familiar with the Innovator 300.

I'm a meal-planner. I like to have my lunch packed for the day. It helps save money and keeps me from maybe having to make an unhealthy choice for a meal. But, I've never found a lunch box or cooler that fits my meal-planning needs. They're either too small, too bulky or the food containers just don't fit properly into them. 

6 Pack Fitness Innovator 3006 Pack Fitness Innovator 300

That's where the Innovator 300, from 6 Pack Fitness, comes in. The Innovator 300 is the perfect meal management tool for the health-conscious. It allows you to travel with over three meals, snacks, liquids and supplements. This product was designed for those who care about what they put into their bodies. 

Inside The Innovator 300Inside The Innovator 300

The Innovator 300 comes with two gel packs for keeping food cold and three snap lid containers that conveniently fit into slots in the front of this food storage product. There are two pockets on the sides of the Innovator 300 that can be used to store water bottles, utensils, fruit, supplements, etc. The internal shelving of the Innovator 300 is adjustable to make storage more convenient and the unit is fully insulated. 

Anyone into meal planning or looking to save money and cut out restaurant/fast food expenses, should look into this product. You can fit pretty much any kind of meal(s) in the Innovator 300. Plan your daily food intake, store it in the Innovator 300 and you can save that money and be sure you're putting good stuff into your body. You can find more information on the Innovator 300 on the 6 Pack Fitness site or go to Amazon and pick up one now. 

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