In-Store Tailor Enlarges Pants Pockets For iPhone 6 Plus Customers

You've got to have deep pockets to own a new iPhone 6 Plus... in more ways than one. All's not lost for owners of the oversized Apple devices, however, thanks to an enterprising Chinese iPhone retailer who set up an in-store tailoring booth where customers can get their pockets enlarged while they wait.

A photo of the innovative tailoring booth seen at a Shanghai branch of China Unicom has gone viral on Weibo, China's most popular microblogging service. It has been suggested the store got the idea from a KPN (a Dutch landline and mobile telecommunications company) store in Amsterdam.

It seems that shortly after the Amsterdam outlet started selling the new iPhone 6 Plus, customer complaints about the “inconvenient” size of the device prompted clever managers to set up a portable tailor's booth outside the store. Not only were customers mollified, local media reported on the pocket-enlarging service and in doing so, inadvertently provided some free publicity. No doubt the Shanghai store is hoping for much of the same.
Note also that both the Dutch and the Chinese tailoring booths advertise their service as “Pocket Plus”. We're guessing Apple already has trademarked “iPocket”. (via Techinasia and Guerrilla Marketing Zone)