StoreDot Has Nanodot Battery That Can Charge Your Phone In 30 Seconds!


An Israeli tech startup, StoreDot, has come up with a cell phone battery that charges your phone in 30 seconds!  In its prototype stage right now, it joins several other proprietary products in StoreDot's stable of yet-to-be-released inventions that are based on the properties of biologically available nanodots. 


StoreDot Battery Prototype: image:StoreDotStoreDot Battery Prototype: image:StoreDot

Nanodot technology is not new; but current applications make use of inorganic compounds like cadmium selenide, which is poisonous.  StoreDot's nanodots are made of organic materials, naturally occuring peptides that are the building blocks of proteins.  These peptides are self-assembling, and when tweaked chemically, they can be induced to display a variety of capabilities, including brilliant colors (as in screen colors!). They have a stable crystallene structure and, therefore, can hold a charge - essential for a battery.

The StoreDot battery prototype is a bit chunky now, about the size of a laptop battery, but StoreDot is working on a smaller, slimmer version and expects the battery to be available in late 2016, according to the Wall Street Journal. Yes, that's a bit too far away for my liking, too, but remember our smart devices need to be ready for a new type of battery.

The prototype looks pretty impressive right now though....



The StoreDot battery is now being programmed for Samsung, but it will be available for other phones as well.  

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