Come Out of The Rain: Great Idea?

Patent# US 6948281 is a portable, above ground, aerodynamically stable Storm Shelter that can be made to fit under a standard-sized mobile home. Versatile, safe and easy to use, this Storm Shelter can withstand strong wind conditions and is easily anchored into the ground using tie rods and earth anchors. An arch-shaped rigid sheet that is permanently attached to a rectangular base is the framework for the shelter. Ingress and egress are easy via the hinged doors provided on each end of the structure and both doors are equipped with a failsafe locking mechanism. Louvered conduits provide ventilation and air pressure equalization and they are protected from the elements by exterior covers.



This 1996 invention has its merits as it is the very first to address the specific dimensions of a mobile home. Still in recalling the ramifications of deadly Katrina, if levees break, there is little that can save us even if we do swim well. Perhaps the purchase of this should be accompanied with a prayer service of some kind?

Shelter from all kind of storms has inspired many inventions. Consider  “Temporary/Portable Nuclear Fallout Shelter: Your Own Little Safety Oasis!” and  “Inflatable Concrete? The Newest Pop-Up Shelter.

As far as the Storm Shelter is concerned, I wish it well despite my love for sunshine and blue skies.

Via Patent Storm