Story Something: iPhone Customized Bedtime Stories for Children

As much as working parents would like to enhance their child's minds and imaginations by reading to them daily, few can find the time to read to their kids as much as they'd like. That's where Story Something, a TechCrunch50 finalist comes into play.

Story SomethingStory Something

Story Something allows parents to create customized stories for their children which can automatically be scheduled to be sent to their children on their iPhones. Naturally, the phones can belong to the parents, but the stories can be tailor-made just for the children. Parents can build a virtual bookshelf for their kids and customize them so their children are the heroes or heroines of the story. To find a story to customize, parents can browse be theme or age; the ones for the younger children, around age 2 or 3 are straight-forward stories that include the child's name; but for those at the older end of the spectrum around age 8, there are interactive stories (like Choose Your Own Adventure).

All stories can be sent by email to entertain, amuse and enlighten children at bedtime, or at other times when a little story goes a long way. Story Something's in Private Beta currently, but you can request an opportunity to try it out, or wait until it's released to the general public! This is a niche business made possible thanks to the iPhone!

Via: TechCrunch