Stove-Seat: Multi-Functional Camping Stove

When it comes to camping and backpacking, multi-function is always a coveted characteristic. More use, less equipment = a happier back. This "Relax" stove-seat, designed by Youngsuk Kim & Yoonsang Kim, creates multi-function where you probably never thought to look. Though details like fuel are scarce given its status as a concept, the stove-seat cooks your dinner when turned on its side, then flips over to give you a place to sit and eat. The seat folds into a handy carrying handle when you're ready to pick up and leave. Apparently, it doesn't get hot enough to burn your ass, though a bit of rear-warming wouldn't be such a bad thing when nightime temperature drops ensue.

I don't think the Relax will be taking over the Swiss-Army knife as king of multi-functional outdoor inventions anytime soon, but it is an interesting concept that could make for a nice, portable, two-function solution. In fact, moreso than camping, this item could be very handy for tailgating. Cook up some pre-game chili, flip the stove to seat and sit down and enjoy food, beer and the commadarie and energy of excited, drunken fans.

via: Yanko