Straighten Yourself Out With Spine-Worx

No matter what you do for a living, life can be a real pain in the back. Pain killers and muscle relaxants can only help so much. Chances are what you really need is to have your vertebrae returned to proper Spine-WorxSpine-Worxalignment. Regular chiropractic care can be costly. Take control of your own back health with Spine-Worx,

The alignment of the spine can affect health all over the body. Spine-Worx is super simple to use. All you do is lie down on the specially designed cushioned rails. The rails are injection-molded to fit the natural shape and curve of the middle and lower back. Gravity and your own body weight do the actual work by gently allowing your back to relax back into its original alignment.

Spine Worx was designed by a chiropractor to help individuals maintain their spinal health in the privacy of their own home. The device is lightweight, portable, and cost effective. 

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