Strange And Unique Items Found In Lost Luggage: Buy Them At Unclaimed Baggage

Millions of people lose their luggage when traveling each and every year. While 99% of lost baggage gets returned to its owner, much of it remains unclaimed. Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro, Alabama collects the unclaimed luggage from airlines across the country, and sells the items contained in the unclaimed baggage at affordable prices. Talk about profiting from the misfortunate from others in a way that's still respectable.

Unclaimed baggage's flagship store in Scottsboro, Alabama is where shoppers can go to purchase items once contained in lost luggage. Unclaimed baggage sells just about everything; there are no restrictions on the items that their store carries. They sell clothing items, both new and used; electronics like laptops and MP3 players; and unusual items that have turned up in the lost luggage, like life size Jim Henson characters, cameras designed for space travel, and suits of armor. Unclaimed baggage also sells luxury goods, like gemstones, at discount rates.

It may sound like Unclaimed Baggage does nothing but turn a profit by making a business out of the misfortunate of those who have lost their luggage on airlines and trains. But that's not just it; really. Unclaimed Baggage also sells items that fell off the back of the truck, or rather, unclaimed crates from freight shipments. They also do give back to the less fortunate, since they can't help reunite people with their lost baggage, they donate one third of the items in their unclaimed baggage to charity.

Next time an airline loses your luggage, take some comfort in knowing that Unclaimed Baggage will make sure your things find a good home with someone who got a great deal when buying them.

How's that for an innovative business idea?

Feb 19, 2009
by Anonymous

Unclaimed Baggage Center

This is a great idea, thanks for posting it as I had never heard of it before. I liked it so much that I decided to share it with readers on my site, which focuses on sharing creative business ideas. Hope you don't mind!